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Quality Assurance

The company is providing quality assurance by controlling strapping 's quality with the parameters of strapping like tensile strength, break strength, elongation percentage in a latest computerized quality control equipments. Polyester (polyethylene terephthalate) strapping that is an alternative of steel strap. it is being increasingly used for strapping medium and heavy loads in place of steel (iron) strapping. It can also be used in place of other plastic straps where high tensile strength is required.

Offering high quality products has always been our prime focus. Our products are manufactured in conformation to high industrial standards. We ensure this by conducting strict quality checks where the products are tested on different parameters such as durability, shock absorption, tensile strength, etc.

Comparison of PET STRAP over STEEL STRAP

PET STRAP" has higher elongation recovery. Whereas steel strap has virtually no elongation recovery. steel strap generally cut the edges of package. Whereas "PET STRAP" does not cut the edges of package. Hence, the packed product is totally protected.

"PET STRAP" is 80% lighter than steel strap. Hence, there is notable saving in freight cost.

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"PET STRAP" is rust free and chemically inert. It does not leave any mark on surface caused by stapling. Special cutting tools are requires for cutting steel strap. "PET STRAP" does not require any special cutting tools. While cutting the tensioned steel strap there is always a chance of accidents due to "whip lashing" pet strap does not pose any such hazards.

"PET STRAP" is easy to handle and reduces machines downtime due to less frequent strap core.

Comparison of PET STRAP over PP STRAP

PET STRAP has got greater strength than PP STRAP of the same dimension.

PET STRAP will not break as PP STRAP do when tightened too much.

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PET STRAP can be tensioned up to 50% more than PP STRAP of equivalent size. Itwon't relax or elongate like PP STRAP.

PET STRAP is more temperature resistant than PP STRAP.

Comparison of Properties

Material Break Strength Working Range Elongation Recovery Retained Tension Heat Resistance Humidity Resistanc
PP Moderate Lowest Marginal Fair Fair High
Steel Highest Highest Negligible Highest Excellent Poor
PET strap Good Good Good Good Good Excellent

Joining Method

1.Mechanical Seals

Pet has hard, slippery surface, hence serrated metal seal used which has series of teeth or points on inside surface of seal to prevent slippage. hand operated crimping tools used for metal seals to be used with pet strapping.

2.Heat Sealing

A heat seal joint is created by a thermo-electric heater blade (plate) that melts and fuses two ends of tensioned strap together under pressure.

3.Friction Sealing

A friction weld joint is formed by rapid vibration of two straps under tension creating enough fractional heat to fuse straps together. manual and fully automatic strapping machines are used with battery I electric I pneumatic operated tools.
The joint strength can obtain 75% to 85% of breaking strength of strap with a uniform weld joint. seal efficiency can be achieved under proper operating of equipment and strap selection .

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